Thursday, March 8, 2012

playlist for 8/3/2012

  1. The Jam - The Modern World (live) (Live Jam)
  2. Said the Whale - Heavy Ceiling (Little Mountain)
  3. Oh No! Yoko - Boyhood (PAU PAU)
  4. Teen Daze - It Calls Me Under (A Silent Planet)
  5. Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds - A Man With the Passion of Tennessee Williams (I'd Rather Die Than Live Forever)
  6. Cloud Nothings - Fall In (Attack on Memory)
  7. Army Girls - Here It Comes (Close to the Bone)
  8. Smoking Popes - Pretty Pathetic (Destination Failure)
  9. Obits - New August (Moody, Standard, and Poor)
  10. Modest Mouse - Whale Song (No One's First and You're Next)
  11. Baby Eagle and the Proud Mothers - Brave Women (Bone Soldiers)
  12. Marine Dreams - Season in Hell (Marine Dreams)
  13. The Weakerthans - Tournament of Hearts (Reunion Tour)

Friday, March 2, 2012

wirtw! playlist for March 1, 2012

You play with your balls a lot.”
“I do NOT play with my balls.”
Larry Bird doesn’t do as much ball-handling in one night as you do in an hour!”
Are you trying to start a fight?”
No. I’m simply stating a fact. That’s all. You fidget with your nuts a lot.”
You know what’d make me happy?”
Another couple of balls, and an extra set of fingers?”
- Planes, Trains & Automobiles

  1. Hospital Bombers - Traditional Maori Fight Song #1 (At Bodukan)
  2. Wild Nothings - Nowhere (Nowhere)
  3. Oxford Collapse - Please Visit Your National Parks (Remember the Night Parties)
  4. Django Django - WOR (Django Django)
  5. Memoryhouse - The Kids Were Wrong (The Slideshow Effect)
  6. Xiu Xiu - Beauty Towne (Always)
  7. The Vibrators - Turning Japanese (Turning Japanese)
  8. Bry Webb - Zebra (Provider)
  9. The Wooden SKy - It Gets Old to Be Alone (Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon a Sun)
  10. Zachary Lucky - Back in the Fall (Saskatchewan)
  11. Moon King - Theme for Moon King (Theme for Moon King)
  12. The Ramones - Do You Wanna Dance? (Rocket to Russia)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Playlist for 05/01/2012

* = Canadian

  1. Talking Heads - This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) (Speaking in Tongues)
  2. Miracle Fortress* - Miscalculations (Was I the Wave?)
  3. Maybe Smith* - Hearts Like Bears (Animals & Architects)
  4. Marine Dreams* - Yet to See the Sun (Marine Dreams)
  5. The National - Abel (Alligator)
  6. The Wooden Sky* - (bit part) (If I Don’t Come Home You’ll Know I’m Gone)
  7. Joel Plaskett* - Jimmie’s Still Jimmie (Joel Plaskett / Shotgun Jimmie 7”)
  8. Shotgun Jimmie* - That’s Not Joel (Joel Plaskett / Shotgun Jimmie 7”)
  9. Shotgun Jimmie* - Bedhead (The Onlys)
  10. Band of Horses - Weed Party (Everything All the Time)
  11. The Rolling Stones - Play With Fire (Out of Our Heads)
  12. Sexy Mathematics* - Solution (Future Nights)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

When Lost At Sea

Kirk Trew guest host / underwater theme

* = Canadian
  1. Black Mold* - Underwater Freeway (Crystal Antz is Snow Blindness)
  2. We Are Wolves* - Bounty Waterfalls (Invisible Violence)
  3. Adam & the Amethysts* - Stupid Ocean (Amethyst Amulet)
  4. Animal Collective - Water Curse (Water Curse EP)
  5. Low - Walk Into the Sea (The Great Destroyer)
  6. The Decemberists - Down By the Water (The King is Dead)
  7. Sarah Slean* - Sound of Water (The Baroness)
  8. Zeus* - River by the Garden (Say Us)
  9. Drive-by Truckers - Drag the Lake, Charlie (The Big To-Do)
  10. SLATES* - Dirty Water (SLATES)
  11. Kurt Vile - Ocean City (Square Shell EP)
  12. Miracle Fortress* - Watery Grave (Five Roses)
  13. Wooden Sky* - When Lost at Sea (When Lost at Sea)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

don't fall asleep.

Jenn co-hosted tonight. I can't do this on my own anymore, it seems.
  1. Telekinesis - You Turn Clear in the Sun (12 Desperate Straight Lines)
  2. Cut Copy - Take Me Over (Zonoscope)
  3. Teen Daze* - Around (Four More Years)
  4. The Lawrence Arms - Boat Less Booze Cruise (Apathy & Exhaustion)
  5. The Thermals - A Stare Like Yours (Fuckin' A)
  6. Chixdiggit!* - Since You Got a Dog (Safeways Here We Come)
  7. The Black Keys - Howlin' For You (Brothers)
  8. Peter Elkas* - Cruel Thing to Do (Repeat Offender)
  9. Slow Down, Molasses* - As Meant to Be (Walk Into the Sea)
  10. Doctor Ew* - Let's Make it Legitimate (Gadzooks)
  11. Wire - Adapt (Red Barked Tree)
  12. The Rural Alberta Advantage* - Muscle Relaxants (Departing)
HOMEWORK: click this, get excited.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

This place is as good as any.

Matt Stefanson helped out with the show this week. We played some songs about places.

* = Canadian
  1. Japanther - Garage Station (Master of Pidgeons)
  2. Hollerado* - Americanarama (Record in a Bag)
  3. Screeching Weasel - Hey Suburbia (Boogadaboogadaboogada)
  4. Telekinesis - Tokyo (Telekinesis)
  5. The Riff Randells* - Parker Place (Double Cross)
  6. The Stolen Minks* - North End Strangler (High Kicks)
  7. Guided By Voices - Big Chief Chinese Restaraunt (Alein Lanes)
  8. Neutral Milk Hotel - Holland, 1945 (In the Aeroplane Over the Sea)
  9. The Cure - Fire in Cairo (Boys Don't Cry)
  10. Stompin' Tom Connors - Cross Canada (Once Upon a Stompin' Tom)
  11. The Deep Dark Woods* - Charlie's (Is Coming Down) (7")
  12. The Wooden Sky* - North Dakota (When Lost at Sea)
  13. So Cow - Casablanca (So Cow)
  14. The Rural Alberta Advantage* - Frank AB (Hometowns)
  15. Boxer the Horse* - Romania (Would You Please)
  16. Dent May - 26 Miles (& His Magnificent Ukulele)
  17. Said the Whale - Emerald Lake, AB (Islands Disappear)

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I asked Brett Suwinski which topic he would rather help me host a show about - the past or the future. He chose the past. Nostalgia! We had the Daft Punk soundtrack for Tron playing under our voices while we talked, which made everything a little bit too epic.

* = Canadian
  1. The Wooden Sky*- Angst for the Memories (Lost at Sea)
  2. Stompin' Tom Conners* - I've Been Everywhere (Live at the Horseshoe)
  3. The Deep Dark Woods* - Charlie's (Is Coming Down) (Charlie's 7")
  4. The Decemberists - When the War Came (The Crane Wife)
  5. Cuff the Duke* - Head-Smashed-in-Buffalo-Jump (Life Stories of the Minimum Wage)
  6. The Ataris - San Dimas High School Football Rules (Broken Hearts... Next 12 Exits)
  7. The Rural Alberta Advantage* - Tornado '87 (Departing)
  8. Hey Rosetta!* - Seventeen (Seeds)
  9. The Four Tets - Baby I Need Your Loving (Hitsville USA)
  10. Iron & Wine - Walking Far From Home (Kiss Each Other Clean)
  11. The Weakerthans* - Reconstruction Site (Reconstruction Site)
We found the new RAA and hey Rosetta! albums in the new music library and amended the show to include them, because, awesome.